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Pickel Partners Self-Storage offers both standard outdoor storage units and indoor climate-controlled storage units.

Standard units are intended for items that you might normally find in your garage or attic that are not sensitive to temperature and humidity changes such as lawn mowers, tools, equipment, decorations, and even autos or boats.

Climate-controlled units are just like having a spare room in your home or office! Climate-controlled units are the answer when you need to store your furniture, electronics, housewares, photos, documents, or other items that need extra protection from heat, cold, and humidity. These facilities also offer additional security measures.

All units use your own lock and key. Standard units are accessable around the clock, while the climate-controlled facilities are accessible from 7am-9pm, seven days a week. Certain items such as food/perishables, flamable, toxic or illegal goods, and contraband are not permitted.

Both standard and climate-controlled units come in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet all your storage needs.

  • 50 sqft (typically 5' x 10')
  • 100 sqft (typically 10' x 10' or 7' x 14')
  • 150 sqft (typically 10' x 15')
  • 200 sqft (typically 10' x 20')
  • 300 sqft (typically 10' x 30')
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